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I am very proud to be Chair of Governors at Carlton VC C of E Primary School, an outstanding, happy Church of England School which holds the children at its heart.  Our school prides itself on being an inclusive, friendly, happy and positive learning community where everyone is encouraged, challenged and supported to reach their full potential.

Our Board of Governors is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to working with the school to provide the highest quality of education possible.  We achieve this by:-​

  • ·    Working with the Headteacher to set the school's strategic direction, aims, vision and ethos, while ensuring it meets its statutory responsibilities.
·         Monitoring and evaluating performance and acting as a ‘critical’ friend to the Headteacher, to support and challenge her in managing the school.
·         Monitoring and challenging the progress of the school in achieving its priorities.
·         Ensuring financial probity and that the premises are well managed.
·         Ensuring that the school is accountable to stakeholders.
·         Taking part in regular Governor training.

The Board of Governors work extremely closely with the staff; Governors regularly visit the school and are always pleased to attend and support school events.

With best wishes,

Hilary Tuohy

 Term of Office

Type of Governor Name Term of Office Responsibilites Meetings attended 20/21
Foundation Governor               Mrs Hilary Tuohy                     29/09/13 - 29/09/21                     Chair

Stategy/Finance/Performance Management, SEND,   


Foundation Governor  

Rev. Jacqueline Curtis 1/01/2021-1/01/2024  RE, PSHE  100%
Parent Governor Mrs Sarah Lloyd 1/09/19 - 17/09/23 Children Looked After100% 100%
 Local Authority Governor Mrs Sue Payne 10/07/2018 - 10/07/2022  Values, Health and Well-being 90%
Parent Governor  Mr Andrew Wilks  23/01/2018 - 23/01/2022   Science and DT 100% 
Staff Governor Mrs Sarah Mallalieu 29/09/2019 - 29/09/23 Health and Safety  100%
 Co-opted Governor  Mrs Emma Simpson  29/09/15 - 29/09/23  Vice Chair, Arts 100%
Co-opted Governor Mrs Liz Fincham 17/09/19 - 17/09/23  

Strategy/Finance​/Performance Management, humanities


Mrs Lynne Pinfold 29/09/19  Clerk to Governors  100%
 Headteacher Mrs Gail Highton  1/9/2019 - ongoing  Headteacher  100%





Register of Governors’ Interests  2020/21

Name of Governor                               Name/nature of business                               Nature of interest                              
Mrs Hilary Tuohy None declared
Mrs Sarah Mallalieu Member of staff at Carlton C of E Primary  Staff 
Mrs Sarah LLoyd None declared
Mrs Gail Highton Reliance Grounds Maintenance Husband owner and provides grounds maintenance

service for the school​

Mrs Sue Payne VBE consults for values based education company
Mrs Liz Fincham Education Employed by Turvey Primary School
Mr Andrew Wilks   None declared   
Mrs Emma Simpson None declared
Rev. Jacqueline  Curtis None declared